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Each assignment is based upon the total number of days you missed.For example, if you are out for five (5) days, you may choose one (1) of the five day assignments, or five (5) of the one day assignments.1) You may physically make up a class missed, by attending another class during your scheduled lunch, study hall, or by staying after school.

I am writing to ask you, could you please review this as a make-up assignment and consider giving me credit for it?

You make be wondering to yourself: ”why should we give you credit for this?

If it isn't a spelling mistake (NB: makeup isn't), then you should use the one-word version as it is the most efficient and is highly likely to be the most current version of the noun.

In summary, you should opt for makeup over make-up and make up.

“Due dates for every assignment are provided on the course syllabus and course schedule (and posted in Canvas).

Unless otherwise stated, assignments are due on those days.

” Well first of all, I am not doing so well in Professor Savonick’s English 110 class, so I could use a small boost in my grade and I hope you can assist me with this.

Furthermore, I have been doubling my work efforts in since the second part of this semester trying to keep my grade from sinking anymore than it already has.

I really do hope you consider this email as make-up for the blog posts I have missed, and I thank you for your time and patience.

The word makeup is a compound noun, which means it is a noun comprising at least two words.


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