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The Mc Kinsey Problem Solving Practice app delivers three Mc Kinsey problem solving tests which can be practiced under timed conditions.

The Mc Kinsey Problem Solving Practice app delivers three Mc Kinsey problem solving tests which can be practiced under timed conditions.

Bear in mind that it's very easy to get caught up in the moment with a question - you feel like you've invested a lot of time thinking about a particular one and so feel it's worth taking more time again to get it right. […]Focus on areas where you are naturally good and try to get better.

[…] There is only so much practice you can do and so it’s more about developing a strategy to ensure you don't lose against time.

Unlike many resources on the internet, our tests are realistic in their format (26-questions long, like the real PST) and challenging in their content.

The Performance Radar changed the way I prepared for the Mc Kinsey Problem Solving Test: I moved from a random 360-degrees practice to a structured preparation focused on the areas where I was weakest. Do check whether the first round of interviews is immediately after the PST or on a different day.

Mc Kinsey assumes that there is a gap in between CV screening and in-person case interviews, somehow it is too big. Firstly, the firm may miss many good candidates with bad resumes.

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Secondly, they may interview too many candidates who do not match with the quality of their Resume.Therefore, you need to practise as much as possible to sharpen your skills.One tip to use in case you only have a little time left, which is trying to use your intuition to figure out the “high probability” answers. Many applicants have been questioned themselves how much score do they need to pass the PST, there are no quota to meet.Mc Kinsey Problem Solving Tests are a typical part of the selection process, or for development within the workplace.The Mc Kinsey Problem Solving Test, also called PST, is among the most difficult standardized tests.From practice, practice, practice to smart practice.Our Performance Radar helps you pinpoint the question types where you need more preparation, enabling you to tailor your training and track your progress. Our tests were developed by a team of ex-Mc Kinsey consultants and are constantly reviewed to provide you with the most comprehensive toolkit to succeed.On the other hand, in-person interviews are expensive.So that, the problem-solving test offers a cost-effective solution In the test, the most difficult thing that makes you scare is time-pressure. 60 minutes equal a sports game that you watch on TV.And those same areas quickly became the ones where I was getting the highest scores. In the former case, we strongly advice you to prepare for case interviews.The Beyond Test Ready package also includes 1 hour of case interviews with our Mentors.


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