Mechanical Engineering Thesis

Changes in the plan are permitted, but must be approved prior to implementation. The non-thesis option requires additional coursework plus a scholarly report and a comprehensive examination demonstrating academic competence across the field of Mechanical Engineering. Course work plans must be prepared in consultation with the student’s academic advisor and should be submitted to the Graduate Program Director (GPD) for approval during the first semester of study. thesis option requires a combination of coursework and research, culminating in the defense of a thesis based on original research.

The thesis committee is comprised of the advisor and at least two other members of the Graduate Faculty of the University of Maryland, Baltimore Graduate School. The 2 credits of ENME799 Thesis Research (minimum) is intended to be used to prepare the written scholarly report. comprehensive examination is a written, closed book examination comprising a selection of questions based on the four (4) required courses in the core curriculum and additional courses in an area of specialization recommended by the student’s academic advisor, subject to approval by the Graduate Committee.

After evaluating the student’s written dissertation, presentation and performance in the oral examination, the examination committee will recommend one of four options: The course work plan may also include a maximum of 6 approved transfer credits for graduate work undertaken at other accredited U. The student should consult with his/her advisor for the specific format for the report. The questions will seek brief answers to assess the student’s understanding of the fundamental concepts in each of the named subject areas.

(2014), Atomization and mixing performance of swirl-venturi lean direct injection PDF Cho, Hyunkyoo (2014), Efficient variable screening method and confidence-based method for reliability-based design optimization PDF Choi, Sanghun (2014), Structural and functional assessments of normal vs.

asthmatic populations via image registration and CFD techniques PDF Depman, Albert J.

This is the preferred program of study for those interested in careers in advanced research or plan to continue for a doctoral degree.

All full-time students are encouraged to take the thesis option.

Self-supported part-time students will be given additional time for completion of the core course requirements.

Mechanical Engineering is a field of diverse engineering science fundamentals and applications. First, the application of a variety of analytical topics integrated within the Core courses. These three courses are advanced engineering mathematics courses that emphasize different topics - analytical (ME150) or numerical (ES101) solution of ordinary and partial differential equations, mathematical transformation techniques (ME150), or statistics and process control (ME108).

No financial aid tuition credits may be used to repeat a course (i.e., the student must pay for a repeat of a course).

400 level Mechanical Engineering courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement.


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