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This still is one of a few close up shots of our main character/artist performing in our video.We felt that having these close ups may be able to mask the fact that our actor couldn't play the guitar properly and we felt this worked sometimes but we could of used them more.

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Question 1: This still from our video shows our character arising from in between a set of bins.

In many folk rock genre videos there isn't a strong narrative but we have tried to create one in our video and have shown this by immediately showing that our character is poor by having him in this poor environment and also having him look poor in the clothes he is wearing too.

This music also slows down when this shot is being taken which helps for the artist to take most of the viewers attention and not the lyrics or music which goes against Goodwin's points of linking the visuals and music/lyrics.

This image is from our magazine advert and shows how we even used this to try and make our narrative the biggest thing in our video by having the transition from the busker to the performer but having them in the same pose helps to impose this even more.

This still and part of the video helps for us to link the visuals and music/lyrics which covers two of Goodwin's points and also runs with the video convention of using longer shots to set the scene in a video which is exactly what we have done in the shot.

This photo shows a section of our video where are main character is sitting against a wall in an alleyway with nothing but his guitar.This challenges the convention of not many folk rock music videos having a narrative as we had a strong one in our video and thought it worked really well and related well to the lyrics of the song which shows that we linked one of Goodwin's points into our video by relating the visuals to the lyrics.This still shows a medium shot of our character performing the song which works with the music video convention of having live performance shots within your video.In this still photo of our video you can see how our final shot is and how we used this to show his rise to fame and the fact people are now paying to watch him, which are all part of the narrative within the video.The bright spotlight helps to show that he is on a stage as this is something that would be used during a live performance of this genre and also the low angle helps to show his superiority now which shows that our narrative as come to an end.This photo shows a still from our video in which our character is walking down and alleyway which helps for us to support the narrative of the video as it shows the environment he lives in.This long shot shows the characters mise-en-scene and also his lifestyle and way of living.This image supports our narrative which is strong throughout and the black and white effect also helps to enforce this even more as it represents the dark life he lives.Many music videos use black and white shots to help support their narrative which is what we have tried to do, not just here but also throughout the first part of the video.The movies passed at this rating are normally aimed towards children anyways.The PG rating means that movies are suitable for viewing, but may be unsuitable for younger viewers.


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