Michigan Ross Mba Essays 2013

We have a highly-ranked business school and now high school students have the option to apply to us through the Preferred Admissions program.

Those students might not come to Michigan if not for the fact that they were guaranteed to be in business school right away.

We enroll a class of 500 sophomores every year and one-quarter are preferred admits and the other three-quarters are regular admits.

We got 1,139 regular admit applications last year and admitted about 409 students.

They need a GPA of 3.68, so their GPA needs to be high and college courses are really tough.

It’s not that it is easier per say to get in, but the numbers are much more in their favor.It is crucial to our process.”It is getting harder than ever for students to land a seat in Ross’ highly regarded three-year undergraduate business program, ranked #12 in Bloomberg Businessweek’s most recent undergraduate ranking.Last year, the school received about 3,000 applications from high school seniors, of whom only 340 were offered a spot in the 2014-15 class.Besides being ranked Top 10 by US News & World Report in 9 out of 10 MBA specializations, Ross also boasts centers focused on social impact: the Center for Social Impact, the Center for Positive Organizations, and the ERB Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise.Students have the flexibility to take 10 out of their 57 credits outside the business school (Michigan has 100 graduate programs ranked top 10 in the US).That’s a 36% acceptance rate, compared to the 10% or 11% acceptance rate in the Preferred Admit program.What do students applying through the regular admissions process need to do to get an edge in the admissions process? The first conversations I have every year are with the 4.0s that are not admitted.She often has to advise parents and students on what the next steps should be if they don’t get one of the coveted 500 seats in the class, and explain how they can still have a Ross-like experience without getting a bachelor of business administration degree.“I often feel that we’re the office of denial, not the office of admission,” said Moody Rideout, who held counseling roles at the University of South Carolina and Ohio Wesleyan University before coming to the University of Michigan in 2007.“ A student who is turned away for regular admissions feels that it is their last shot, so that is where the counseling approach comes in.Ross has the academic heft to go along with its devoted alumni base.Also interesting is Michigan Ross’ placement footprint not just in the Midwest (as expected) but in the West (20%) and Northeast US (20%).


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