Million Dollar Baby Movie Review Essay

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Eddie (Morgan Freeman) is a kind of assistant maintenance man, who was one of Frankie’s fighters until he was blinded in a fight. This happens because Frankie doesn’t trust him enough to let him fight for a title.

The film has these qualities because of the location of the gym, the lighting – and maybe the crime of euthanasia.

No one overreaches in this film, and the acting is minimal, convincing and heartbreaking.

Frankie leads a lonely existence, alienated from his only daughter and having few friends.

Maggie's rough around the edges but shows a lot of grit in the ring and he eventually relents.

Director Clint Eastwood and writer Paul Haggis have crafted a superb movie that works on every level except the ethical and moral.

Million Dollar Baby Movie Review Essay

It’s too bad it is nihilism dressed up as compassion.

Brilliant, dark television about people’s souls and the battles they fight there.

is such a film, but it deals unsatisfactorily with two huge moral issues for me. Eddie’s voice over says more than once that boxing is unnatural. I could hardly watch the boxing sequences in this film, or any other boxing movie for thatmatter.

She is now a quadriplegic and cannot breathe on her own. The film is written by one of my favorite screen and television writers, Paul Haggis.

I think I am the only fan in the world that taped and still have all the episodes of EZ Streets that aired before the show was cancelled in 1996.


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