Never Trust Appearances Essay

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A thing can be relative only if the terms of the relation are real.For example, in the sentence, “The table is to the left of the chair,” the relation, “to the left of” can hold only if there are a table and a chair.The division of the properties of objects into primary or secondary qualities turns out on close examination to be mistaken.

This immediately differentiates reality from appearance. The metaphysical property is that reality is one, another characteristic to be contrasted with appearance.

The epistemological property is that reality is experience.

There must be such a reality because something can be an appearance only if it is the appearance of something.

The problem now is to show how such things as appearance, evil, finite objects, error, time, and space are related to and are compatible with this Absolute.

The study of metaphysics teaches that either of these solutions is too simple, that both are peremptory.

Never Trust Appearances Essay

“There is no sin, however prone to it the philosopher may be,” Bradley says, “which philosophy can justify so little as spiritual pride.” is divided into two parts.Consequently, secondary cannot mean unreal, as some proponents of the theory seem to argue that it does.Again, primary qualities must also be perceived and would be relative for the same reason given for secondary qualities.Primary qualities are constant, permanent, self-dependent, and real.Secondary qualities—such as color, heat, cold, taste, and odor—are relative to the perceiver.Consequently, to show that a quality is relative is to show that it is grounded in an object.The ground or terms of the relation must be real for the relation to hold.In one of his arguments against this view, Bradley grants that secondary qualities are mere appearances because he wishes to show that the same thing is true of primary qualities.If an object has secondary qualities, even though they are relative to the perceiver, they must have some ground in the object.According to Bradley, “Truth is the object of thinking, and the aim of truth is to qualify existence ideally.” Furthermore, “Truth is the predication of such content as, when predicated, is harmonious, and removes inconsistency and with it unrest.” However, a truth is never wholly adequate. Therefore, every truth is a partial truth and is capable of being expanded and extended indefinitely toward more truth.If one can account for truth, one must also account for error.


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