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Whether a man is the master of his fate and fortune is still a debatable question.

Whether a man is the master of his fate and fortune is still a debatable question.

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The road to self-discovery adopted by Oedipus leads him to his downfall and tragic end.Fate Fate, in a religious sense, is forced upon a person.If an individual is fated to do something, it means the divine forces have already determined that course of action for him.Oedipus has both character and opportunities, which could have saved him despite the prediction of the oracle.Therefore, the question of free will looms large in Oedipus Rex.Pride Hath a Fall Though Oedipus is not arrogant, he takes great pride in his past exploit of defeating the Sphinx.He brags it at the beginning “I am Oedipus,” and tells Priest of Zeus and people that he has solved the famous riddle.Creon does not want to run the government due to his ignorance.Guilt and Shame When the play opens, it becomes clear that guilt and sin existed in the city and there was a sinful person who needed to be banished in order to get rid of the plague.In other words, Oedipus stays blind to the consequences of his action.He does not know that the old man he killed on the highway could be his father, and the woman he is married to could be his mother.


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