Overcoming Failure Essay

Overcoming Failure Essay-73
In most cases, all these things are only surrogates because you lack the capacity for deep and loving relationships.But when you’re fighting your inner demons, there’s no failure that’s going to stop you from feeding them.

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There are no shortcuts to emotional recovery and there are no shortcuts to really learning something new.

The key takeaways are: When you’re young and naïve and make the first steps in the business world, it’s not hard to be convinced to join multi-level marketing (MLM) or, to be more exact, some kind of a pyramid scheme, although everybody is trying to convince you that it’s not a pyramid scheme, but ironically only a funnel.

They all say you shouldn’t be afraid to fail, since failure is an integral part of success; if you want to succeed, you simply have to go from failure to failure without giving up.

Next to that, we can also find a very popular view on failure saying that you can usually learn much more from your failures than you can from your successes. But what you’ll hear much more rarely is that failing really sucks. It hurts, it hinders your self-confidence and you feel really shitty about yourself for a long time afterwards. That’s also why most people give up after they fail big a few times.

(1) The first one is if you were raised as an emotionally healthy person with strong self-confidence and many competences, so you have no doubts that you can make it next time.

Overcoming Failure Essay

By nature, you have a great level of believing in yourself. Unfortunately, not many people have that kind of privilege.

On a logical level, all the cool quotes and sayings make sense.

You fail and you try again and again all the way until you succeed.

Ask yourself how you could approach things differently, which of your assumptions were wrong, where you have gone against yourself, which forces in the environment contributed to your failure, how will you change your behavior, what kind of emotional damage was done to you and others etc.

You need to deeply analyze what happened and you need some metrics to really learn from failures.


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