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Search Marketing Case Studies Chances are you’ve wondered how to claim your fair share of search engine real estate and make your brand the most visible in your industry.

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Whether it’s enterprise moguls or medium-sized businesses with healthy digital marketing budgets, our goal is to help them grow.

We bring expertise, partnership and transparency to every client and it shows.

Paid Case Study: Amazon Advertising – Office Supplies When our client came to WTM, they already had a wealth of Amazon knowledge and skills, as well as several established brands with thousands of positive reviews.

This client was already successful and knew their way around the marketplace, but...

Gordon Food Service already had a PPC advertising campaign underway, but knew it could use a boost.

We restructured their account to provide customization for different markets and implemented a program that doubled their leads.With a goal of increasing the total number of users to the site, our clients was spending six figures...Paid Case Study: Improve Quality Score and Lead Volume Our client whose is in the competitive Vintage Collectibles business was fairly new to Search Engine Marketing and as with any collectible retailer, has significant inventory turnover.Solution Snickers and ad agency AMV BBDO worked with Google Ad Words to bid on misspellings of the most commonly searched terms.Each time someone misspelled a word, they were given a tailored message to "Grab yourself a Snikkers" as "Yu cant spel properlie wen hungrie." Results The chocolate bar brand managed to reach over 500,000 people within three days, without any seeding and for a lower cost than if they had bid on brand keywords.Paid Case Study: Google Shopping for Ecommerce Apparel Brand Within one of the largest growing sectors for e Commerce, our client owned aggressive pricing, the Google Trusted Store accreditation, a growing product offering, and exemplary service, but weren’t experiencing much growth from their Shopping Advertising campaign with Google. Paid Case Study: Google Shopping for Sporting Goods When a regional sporting goods reseller looked to take their business national, ecommerce was the most logical way to increase their footprint and expand their customer base.Trying to save on the expense of an outside partner, the reseller launched...What’s the use of health insurance if you can’t find a doctor?Blast increased visibility of Sutter Health doctor profile pages over 200% by utilizing techniques in organic and local search, which also led to a healthy dose of traffic to the primary Sutter Health site.Paid Case Study: Brick and Mortar Healthcare While previously seen as an offline only industry, consumers are increasingly turning to the web to learn more about healthcare treatment options, reputation of the facilities, as well as information about their perceived ailment, in an attempt to self-diagnose. Paid Case Study: PPC for Business Card Manufacturer Against some large, mature, and deep pocket competitors, our client had minimal success with their Search Engine Marketing efforts previously, which they managed internally.They were looking to partner with an agency to increase their lead count, decrease their cost...


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