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Political crimes should not be punished with death either, as this would open the way to political repression and physical elimination of political rivals, as it happened in Stalin's times in the Soviet Union.

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For instance, “the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which among other things forbids capital punishment for juveniles, has been signed and ratified by all countries except the USA and Somalia” (Wikipedia).

Some international conventions such as the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the Sixth Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights have been adopted, although they only bind nations that have ratified them.

The choice of a particular method in Europe in the Middle Age, for instance, depended on the social status of the condemned.

Painless and respectable ways were reserved for the aristocracy; and more painful for the common people, such as hanging or breaking on the wheel.

Introduction Death penalty has been an inalienable part of human society and its legal system for centuries, regarded as a necessary deterrent to dangerous crimes and a way to liberate the community from dangerous criminals.

However, later on this type of punishment came to be regarded as a crime against humanistic ideals by many, and its validity in the legal system has been questioned. This resulted in a wide discrepancy of laws on this issue.

In 2004, as reports Amnesty International, 3,797 people in 25 nations were executed.

China accounts for the bulk of these executions - 3,400 cases.

First, this punishment is analysed from a purely utilitarian perspective in an effort to find out whether application of capital punishment really helps to deter crime and reduce the risk of recidivism, when criminals commit repeated crimes.

The evidence for this is sought in crime rates in regions and nations where executions are carried out.


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