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To do otherwise is not only dangerous, it defies common sense.

What I liked about this refutation: The writer calmly and clearly outlines the true concerns and reasons why people oppose the opinion.

Rather than weakening the paper, a good concession paragraph will actually strengthen the essay by showing that the writer has thoughtfully considered both sides of the argument before arriving at the final argumentative position.

Be careful though, writers don't want the other side of the argument to sound better than his/her own.

Supporters of school choice point out that under the current public school system, parents with economic means already exercise school choice by moving from areas with failing or dangerous schools to neighborhoods with better, safer schools.

Their argument is that school choice would allow all parents the freedom, regardless of income level, to select the school that provides the best education (Chub and Moe).Public Schools (School Choice) By Mark Liles Thesis: School choice turns out to not only be a bad idea; it’s also a violation of our constitution.Refutation: Considering the many challenges facing public schools, it’s understandable that many people would be eager to pursue new options.In this article, we will uncover all the secrets about writing argumentative essays and the challenges of academic life that call for the use of online essay writing services.Most importantly, you'll get to learn how we can help you tackle your argumentative essay assignment.He makes sure the reader knows that he is outlining opposing viewpoints because he gives hints like "Supporters of school choice point out that..." or "Their argument is that...".This is a nice way for readers to be aware of what others think.For one thing, as Easterbrook notes, these cards would expedite security procedures only for travelers who do not mind volunteering such information to obtain a card.Moreover they would not prevent passengers with "clean" backgrounds from bringing weapons or explosives on board, as was the case in the September 11 attacks.These companies represent a growing trend of privatization of public schools by large corporations.It is feared that these corporations could grow to a point that public control of education would be lost.


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