Presenting Business Plan

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"You've likely told your origin story dozens of times and have it down," said David Ciccarelli, the founder and CEO of During our capital raise, I told our founding story 200 times.

While it's old news to you, it's new for the investor, so keep it upbeat and tell it with enthusiasm." Don't hesitate to pitch to multiple potential investors, either.

Ciccarelli went with his team to cities across the country and meet with a few investors in each city.

This gave his group practice and put his business idea in front of more eyes.

"Make the story more important than what you're selling, because once the market numbers speak for themselves, they don't connect with you for what you're doing, but why you're doing it,” said Beck, who placed second at the Glendale Tech Week 2017 Pitchfest.

You might be head over heels about your business concept.Beck founded an online network for family-to-family babysitting exchange, and she says she frequently speaks with potential investors who aren't parents.With her audience lacking an emotional connection to her concept, she creates emotional appeal with an engaging pitch.Business News Daily spoke with a handful of experts, including a former participant on ABC's "Shark Tank," about how to nail a pitch to potential investors.A common topic among experts was the need to be personable and create a narrative."We often hear 'practice your pitch' as common advice, but most investors will stop you several times during your presentation to ask for clarity or to offer their input," Ashley said."This can throw a presenter off their game in a presentation easily, as they've practiced their presentation as a smooth, uninterrupted flow."I've seen startups try to take shortcuts on this and end up with glazed-over eyes in their audience," Griffit said.The weeks and days leading up to your pitch to potential investors is no time to be shy."Show them why you're working toward your goal, not just how.Tell them why you're motivated to solve a problem and you'll have a better chance of winning them over." Erin Beck, the founder and CEO of Wana Family Network, believes storytelling sets her presentations apart from those of her peers.


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