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🙂In order to find the balance between too much and too little homework, I’ve spent some time creating homework charts, checklists, and planners for a variety of situations.(I’ll be adding more and more over time so check back if you don’t see the one you want.MY MONTHLY HOMEWORK REWARD CHARTGOLD STAR HOMEWORK REWARDS CHARTFILL-IN-THE-STARS MONTHLY HOMEWORK REWARD CHARTKIDS MONTHLY HOMEWORK LOGKIDS HOMEWORK AND REWARD CHART If you’re feeling generous, I’d love a re-pin (or a pin of the image below) or facebook share if you have a second.

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Or leave a comment and I be able to squeeze in some time to create new ones based off reader feedback.). I’d love a re-pin or facebook share if you’re willing. I hope one of the ones below, whether you use rewards or eschew them, works for your family and each specific child no matter what parenting style you use in your home!

You may also like these printable first day of school signs and bedtime routine charts too. Just click on the text links below each preview image to download your PDF and then print your preferred hw chart for your home.

I did include some "unstructured" assignments (like counting or singing) but there is one paper/pencil activity for each day.

Each day has a specific page in the packet to complete.

I hope these weekly homework planners make life easier this year!

RAINBOW WEEKLY HOMEWORK CHARTMONOCHROMATIC WEEKLY HOMEWORK CHARTSUBJECT/ASSIGNMENT/DUE DATE/CHECKBOX HOMEWORK CHARTDAILY/WEEKLY HOMEWORK CHARTWEEKLY 8-SUBJECT HOMEWORK CHARTWEEKLY HOMEWORK CHART FOR KIDS The charts below are set up for monthly tracking BUT just because they are monthly homework charts doesn’t mean you can’t set rewards at the daily or weekly level.It’s back to school and “too much homework” as they always say.For myself, as a Mom of a growing brood, there are the pros: first day of school signs and pictures, cute back to school clothes, quieter and more productive days, etc.The skills reflected in the homework are based on the scope/sequence of Open Court phonics and our shared reading program.I send the complete packet home at the beginning of the month and have children return it each Friday so I can check that the work is being completed. I have much better participation and it is far less time consuming for me.I needed something more structured that I could actually see was done.I used the concept of a monthly homework calendar but paired it with a packet for recording the work. Even newbie grade-schoolers, who love doing it at first, often lose their enthusiasm and start stalling.And after a long day, you just want your kiddo to knuckle down so you can get dinner on the table or start the bedtime routine.When it comes to homework I’m very, very comfortably between the tiger moms and the free-rangers, who respectively are strict disciplinarians who want sky-high academic results at all times and parents content to let their kids learn by doing and being independent as possible.I’m not saying any of the either of the above approaches are more correct than the other, to each their own and every child needs to be parented in the way that suits them best.


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