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We regularly run public training courses in London in the UK, Munich, and Berlin in Germany, Paris in France, Amsterdam in The Netherlands and New York in the USA.Improve team performance, save travel costs and make the most of your time together.

In the future, I look forward to applying a few of the techniques when talking with custo...© Copyright Product Focus Ltd 2018, All rights reserved.

Product Focus offers world class product management training courses for technology-based products.

When starting any market research you will need to judge the focus you give to each of these areas according to the challenges you face with your product.

Strategic market analysis looks at the big picture for a company and its markets.

Fantastic course - really thorough and very useful overview of all aspects of product management. Examples of real life product examples are great - maybe a few more B2B examples. After two years of getting punched, kicked and beat down I feel as though you have just taught me karate, and I am looking forward to immediately putting into practice all of the tools, techniques and best practices to fight ...

Overnight after the training it became easier to raise issues and design decisions.

What separates good product plans, product ideas and business cases from ones that are doomed to failure?

Often the difference can be traced back to whether they were based on solid groundwork – researching the market, analysing the options and making the right decisions.

Although we are impacted by the outcome we’re not often involved in the activity.“When analysing your market it’s just as important to be clear on who you’re not selling to.

Companies can be dazzled by sales opportunities in non-core areas and end up wasting precious resources that are needed to get traction in their key markets.”The reality for many of us is that market analysis work gets triggered by some request.


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