Publications Arising From This Thesis

If your thesis does not meet these requirements it may not be accepted for examination.4.1 Typing of Theses 4.2 Library Declaration and Deposit Agreement 4.3 Title and Title Page 4.4 Table of Contents 4.5 Acknowledgements 4.6 Declaration and Inclusion of Material from a Prior Thesis 4.7 Additional requirement relating to theses submitted within the Faculties of Medicine and Science 4.8 Inclusion of Published Work (excluding Ph D by Published Work) 4.9 Summary or Abstract 4.10 Abbreviations 4.11 Tables and Illustrated Material 4.12 Research Training 4.13 Length of Thesis 4.14 Bibliography 4.15 Thesis Submission Declaration Checklist 4.16 Thesis Submission Checklist (Ph D by Published Work only) Theses should be word-processed or typed on good quality A4 paper (29.7 x 21 cm) with a margin of at least 4 cm on the left hand side.

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For an abbreviation not in common use, the terms shall be given in full when the abbreviation is first used followed by the abbreviation in brackets.

Any photocopies, photographs, diagrams, graphs and tables of data should be inserted where they appear in the text.

a Master’s) into the current thesis as long as the material concerned is indicated clearly in the text and the declaration refers to the incorporation of this material.

Such material may provide support for a thesis but it will not be taken into account in evaluating the achievement of the requirements for the degree for which the thesis is being examined.

It has been composed by myself and has not been submitted in any previous application for any degree Candidates should be aware of the following Senate resolution on the publication of research material, which does not apply to theses submitted for the award of Ph D by Published Work.

Publications Arising From This Thesis

They may include in a thesis any material arising from work on the thesis which had appeared in print before the thesis was completed or examined.Where abbreviations are used a list of definitions shall be provided at the beginning or end of the thesis and the location of the list should be clearly indicated in the table of contents.Abbreviations may be used at the discretion of the author.Candidates should therefore carefully proof read their thesis for typographical errors and correct them before submitting the thesis.Offprints submitted must be bound in with the thesis or as a separate volume, as appropriate.If a thesis comprises more than one volume, the contents of the whole thesis shall be shown in the first volume and the contents of each subsequent volume in a separate contents list within that volume.Any acknowledgements shall be on the page following the table of contents and list of illustrations and tables.4.3.3 The full name of the author, followed, if desired, by any qualifications and distinctions.4.3.4 The full name of the qualification for which the thesis is submitted (i.e.Candidates should be aware of the following resolution of the Board of Graduate Studies relating to the submission of all theses within the Faculties of Medicine and Science.Any research results included within a thesis, which have derived from collaborative work, or elements of a thesis previously published by the candidate, must be acknowledged using the following wording: ‘This thesis is submitted to the University of Warwick in support of my application for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.


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