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If you talk to people around you about the research projects, you will often see a connection between their research and their life trajectory.

Friese (1997, 2001) for example describes the situation that made her feel disturbed / troubled / confused as follows: Download Free Trial Version “I shared a house with two other female students at the time – and we chatted about what we did that day.

This article gives you some basic of what is good to know when conducting a qualitative research project.

In order to better understand how and why qualitative data is useful and how qualitative data can be analyzed, revisiting the various philosophical positions ranging from positivism to constructivism is a good point to start out with.

Thus, we can never be sure whether our knowledge is in fact objective or whether it is limited to what we are able to see now.

The limitations may be of technical or cognitive nature.In his book “Logic, the Theory of Inquiry” he very clearly outlines the process of research.Very reassuring for beginning researchers, he states that research follows a uniform structure, which applies to our everyday life as well as to science.Rather, in qualitative research self-reflection about one’s own attitude and position and role in society is vital.As Denzin and Lincoln write: “Behind all research stands the biography of the gendered researcher, who speaks from a particular class, racial, cultural and ethnic community perspective“ (p. We can only see what our class, culture, race, gender or other factors allows us to recognize.I asked a colleague and she then went together with me to the same cupboard and gave me a long VGA cable – a transparent one.I had looked for something black and therefore I did not see it.In other words, there are familiar elements in conducting research and we can draw on knowledge that we already have gained in our everyday life.Dewey describes the research process as follows: “The antecedent condition of inquiry that gets it all started is an indeterminate or uncertain situation.Or can we only examine constructions of something that might be real, true and objective? If you were never introduced to philosophy of sence, recommended reads are the seminal works by Thomas Kuhn and Paul Feyerabend: The structure of scientific revolutions (Kuhn, (1962 /1996) and Against Methods (Feyerabend, 1975/2010).For all readers with German language proficiency, a good read is the book by Wallach (2009) on the philosophical basic of science.


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