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Related: Richard Branson: Nice Guys Can Finish First Exceptional people are willing to dare greatly in life.They know it takes courage to love fully, to change themselves when necessary, to feel deeply, to take risks even when it’s scary and to chase their dreams with passion and an unwavering tenacity.

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Being deliberate keeps them pointed in the direction of their dreams, connected to their true loves and to living genuinely as who they are.

For exceptional people, intelligence is about knowledge but even more so about emotions.

Exceptional people are kind, even to those whom they do not care for.

They are aware they can love someone even if they do not like them.

If they can’t say something nice, they have the control to remain quiet.

They believe there is no other human quality that will get them further in life than that of kindness. Exceptional people accept that life is always going to bring its challenges and are aware that without a sense of composure it is too easy to allow conflict in situations and relationships to unnerve them.They are able to handle themselves in a noble and ethical manner.They hold good posture, their energy has a mystery, softness, strength and cleverness to it. Grace is the undeniable quality of the depth of their personal wisdom. It is consistent in how they treat, think about, and speak to others. Although being kind may be perceived as weakness or vulnerability by others ,exceptional people understand that kindness is one of their strongest influences.Exceptional people are those who seemingly have it all.They have monetary success along with a deeply felt happiness and satisfaction in life.The truly exceptional focus on cultivating their inner worlds and the more soft-spoken qualities of their character because they know to be wholly successful, it takes being a really good human being.Grace is that dignified elegance about a person's appearance, movement, personal style or behavior.Related: 10 Things Exceptional People Say Every Single Day Exceptional people do not see life as being all about them, in fact, they prefer to celebrate the accomplishments of others as much as their own.They are proud of who they are but have no need to add histrionics to their success.In being deliberate other people know where they stand with them.The exceptional get what they want in life because they are clear in saying what they want.


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