Race Does Not Exist Essay

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Societies, like the USA, construct racial classifications, not as units of biology, but as ways to lump together groups of people with varying historical, linguistic, ethnic, religious, or other backgrounds.

Absolutely right- there are NO racial differences worth noting.

But what do I say when my racist friends ask why the finals of the Olympic 100 meter dash always consist of 8 black men? The fastest man in England, the fastest man in Canada, and the fastest man in France are always black, too. Surely the Russians have tried to produce a champion sprinter. So, why do we see nothing but blakc men in the Olympic sprint finals every four years?

I've tried to tell them it's because black kids ore poorer and see sports as their ticket out of poverty...

but that only explaisn why they dominate football as a whole, NOT why they dominate all positions that emphasize speed. Tell them that is a product of the moment of time we live in.

Go find out what they are, and bust some myths for yourself.

Check these out references for much greater detail: Duster (2005) Race and reification in Science.

If one thinks that these patterns of racial differences have a biological basis, if we see them as “natural,” racial inequality becomes just part of the human experience (remember a book called ? This fallacy influences people to see racism and inequality not as the products of economic, social, and political histories but more as a natural state of affairs.

While race is not biology, racism can certainly affect our biology, especially our health.

This is extremely important for those of us interested in cognition, development, education, and health; anyone who wants to use knowledge to make a difference in their own and in others’ lives.

Solutions to racial inequalities and the problems of race relations in the USA are not going to emerge as long as a large percentage of the public holds on to the myth of biological races.


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