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A rationale statement is a brief explanation of the reasons for conducting a given study.In its broadest sense, a rationale statement plays a crucial role in justifying or supporting the need for undertaking a given academic exercise.

A rationale statement is a brief explanation of the reasons for conducting a given study.

Identify and ask questions about your topic's history or origins, composition or structure, and categories or components.

You might also consider using Personal Interest Questions and/or Contextual Questions to refine a broad topic before you develop research questions or problems.

Summary: The intention of this section is to provide veterinary technicians with guidelines for writing the patient care plan portion of the veterinary medical record.

As there is no standardized format for writing a veterinary care plan, the following principles are only one example of how a care plan may be formulated.

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In academics, students use a rationale statement to justify the various activities that they have to undertake when pursuing a given academic program.

Teat ends are sanitized to prevent iatrogenic infections and contamination of the milk samples with environmental organisms. (2002) Milking cows with mastitis last in order helps prevent the spread of mastitis to other cows. (2010) Mastitis Control Programs: Bovine Mastitis and Milking Management.

Teats are sanitized from the farthest to nearest teat to limit the possibility of contamination while sanitizing. Proper vacuum and sequencing of the milking machine, as well as fit and sanitation of teat cups, limits irritation and contamination of the teats.


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