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Except for events such as the coronation and the opening of parliament, the church is rarely seen or heard on the national stage. Wilson (1977) also suggests that people no longer seek guidance and information from the pulpit.

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In the 1950`s their wages were similar to those of many professional workers.

Today many of them are amongst the low paid, with unskilled manual workers often earning considerably more. They were built, ornately decorated and repaired in a much poorer society. ’ They seem less concerned by death and afterlife and more about happiness in the here and now (Haralambos et al. The church’s traditional disapproval of issues such as divorce, artificial birth control, sexual relationships outside of marriage and homosexuality appear today to have little influence.

A religious organization may declare that people should give generously or that birth control is a sin, but individuals may choose not to take these announcements seriously.

In the past, however, religion was considered a complete guide for living (Gelles et al. If we look at the future of religion in Britain and in many other western societies it is not bright.

Control of social welfare has also been moved away from the church and into the hands of specialists employed by the state that educate, counsel, cure, rehabilitate and care for the poor and the aged.

More evidence of the decline in religion comes in the form of the position of the clergy on the social scale.

He believes that “ religion provides an institutionalised means of adjusting oneself to life’s uncertainties and risks” (1931: 625).

Another theory is that of Talcott Parsons (1952), who saw religion as a filling gap between social expectations and experiences.

War memorials lost many of their religious symbols which they traditionally adorned; some were often not put up at all.

In 1947 the BBC, which had traditionally supported the side of the Church of England, abandoned its policy of not broadcasting opinions hostile to Christianity.


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