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But to protect the aerogel from tears, it would likely have to be packaged inside a sturdier material, she says.The industrial development has been aggravating the atmospheric pollution increasingly.

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This strategy allows for the determination of topology based on the band structure of the normal conducting phase without referring to the quasi-particle spectrum of the superconducting phase.

The authors show that a set of fracton phases emerges in interacting Majorana band models whose building blocks are within experimental reach.

The porous aerogel is at least 99 percent open space, with the rest made up of an atomically thin ceramic called hexagonal boron nitride.

The design proves extremely durable under high temperatures and rapid temperature shifts of over 1,000 degrees Celsius, researchers report in the Feb. “It’s notoriously hard to make materials that are not just lightweight, but can also be heavily heat resistant,” says Deep Jariwala, an engineer at the University of Pennsylvania who coauthored a commentary on the study in the same issue of .

This paper proposes material junctions involving topological insulator materials as a natural and immediately experimentally available electronic platform to realize NH Weyl phases, an intriguing form of dissipative topological quantum matter without a direct counterpart in closed systems.

A new, nearly weightless insulation material can withstand extreme heat that would destroy other materials.

The new ultralight insulator may be especially well suited to shielding components on spacecraft, which must endure extreme temperature swings when turning toward or away from the sun or re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, he says.

Researchers placed a fresh flower atop a 2-centimeter-thick piece of a new insulator and lit a flame underneath (as seen in the photo on the left and the heat map on the right).

In this paper, distinctive spectrum features of leakage current(LC) are computed, including power spectrum and bispectrum.

The results show that bispectrum depicts the information of arc discharge in LC more valid than power spectrum, which is a good eigenvalue for flashover identification and risk predictions.


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