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Also, what music therapists do to provide good services to those that need them. Music therapy can help with personal skills, developmental issues, anxiety, helps Alzheimer's and dementias, and is involved with research studies.found that children admitted to the emergency department who listened to music during routine procedures showed less distress and reported lower pain scores than those who didn’t listen to music.

Those are some convincing results, but still only a single study.

So we went looking for systematic reviews on the impact of music in medical settings.

Empiricism can be based on almost any phenomenon according to the experience.

Evidence in the four perspectives is part of a form of evaluative rigor.

This plan will help to provide a wide range of perspectives in the practice.

There are two primary dimensions; exterior versus interior and individual versus collective.

We are all about assessing the scientific evidence on human problems and looking at how to use it every day.

You can click on the topics above to see blog posts on specific subjects.

Interior is transparent that concerns qualitative attributes through multiple realities.

Individual versus collective is part of the next primary dimension.


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