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There are two forms of stressors concerning stress, eustress, and distress.

Here, eustress refers to positive stress while distress refers to harmful stress.

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Anything that brings on feelings of stress is called a stressor. Read on to find out how stress affects you and how you can gain control. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care.

However, if such stress is not controlled, there is a general increase in tension that causes the brain to fight against itself rather than working on a particular task.

In a study conducted by Jaworska et al., (2016) the findings showed that sometimes students are stressed to the extent that they cannot complete their assignments.You can use a paper writing service to perform the task, but this option always remains at your choice. Most definitely and to make it legal you must quote correctly citing the appropriate reference when you use part of it in your work.A lot of helpful hints can be found everywhere on the internet.Stress is said to be positive since it helps in facing or fixing situations that will finally yield positive results while negative stress leads to anxiety, depression, fear and despair (Jansen & Potters, 2017).In many instances, students often face moments of positive stress.On muscle tension, the stress hormones activate the sympathetic nervous system leading to tension when in class (Peterson, Duncan & Canady, 2009).The tension might lead to disturbance while in class causing lack of concentration.The modern students are faced with numerous responsibilities and challenges that they have to overcome to be successful in school.If you ever feel nervous, moody, irritable or depressed, it could be as a result of stress.When you’re faced with stress, certain hormones (chemicals) in your body are released. For instance, your: If you do not believe you are successfully managing the stressors in your life, get help from your healthcare provider or a mental health professional. Always follow your healthcare professional's instructions. There are many effective strategies that can help you adjust your environment and get your stress level under better control.


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