Research Papers On Heat Transfer Through Micro Chips

Five models in each of the three heat exchangers were designed and its pressure drop was calculated.This helped in determining the best model for further analysis.Microchannels, with their large heat transfer surface to volume ratio and their small volumes, have shown a good thermal performance.

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Flow disruption can be achieved through passive surface modifications, such as, shape of channel, dimple surfaces, ribs, cavities, groove structures, porous medium, etc.

Combined effects of these geometrical configurations in heat transfer augmentation are also reported in the literature.

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Buckius , Ping Cheng, Amir Faghri, Mohammed Faghri, Richard J. Papers are selected and reviewed by a group of expert associate editors, guided by a distinguished advisory board, and represent the best of current work in the field.

The journal covers the entire field of heat transfer, including conduction, convection and radiation, boiling phenomena, heat exchanger design and testing, heat transfer in nuclear reactors, mass transfer, geothermal heat recovery, and thermophysical properties of materials, as well as the pertinent areas of fluid mechanics.

Effects of Thermal Boundary Condition, Fin Size, Spacing, Tip Clearance, and Material on Pressure Drop, Heat Transfer, and Entropy Generation Optimization for Forced Convection from a Variable-Height Shrouded Fin Array Fully developed forced convection through a variable-height shrouded fin array is studied numerically.

Considering these effects, pressure drop, heat transfer, and entropy generation aspect of the problem are studied in detail.

This paper presents an account of model design, steady state simulation and a CFD analysis of three heat exchangers namely, double pipe heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger and transverse fin type heat exchanger in order to...

In this paper a comprehensive review of heat transfer enhancement through microchannels has been presented.

Over the past few years due to multifunction, shrinking package size and high power dissipation, the heat flux per unit area has increased significantly.


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