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He was granted a patent for reinforced flowerpots by means of mixing a wire mesh to a mortar shell.In 1877, Monier was granted another patent for a more advanced technique of reinforcing concrete columns and girders with iron rods placed in a grid pattern.Ransome's key innovation was to twist the reinforcing steel bar improving bonding with the concrete.

The use of reinforced concrete after the earthquake was highly promoted within the U. construction industry due to its non-combustibility and perceived superior seismic performance relative to masonry.

In 1906, a partial collapse of the Bixby Hotel in Long Beach killed 10 workers during construction when shoring was removed prematurely.

The home was designed to be fireproof for his wife. In 1879, Wayss bought the German rights to Monier's patents and in 1884, he started the first commercial use for reinforced concrete in his firm Wayss & Freytag.

Up until the 1890s, Wayss and his firm greatly contributed to the advancement of Monier's system of reinforcing and established it as a well-developed scientific technology.

His positioning of the reinforcement demonstrated that, unlike his predecessors, he had knowledge of tensile stresses.

Joseph Monier was a French gardener of the nineteenth century, a pioneer in the development of structural, prefabricated and reinforced concrete when dissatisfied with existing materials available for making durable flowerpots.

Adding a certain amount of powder or rubber particles in concrete can be a good solution to these problems.

This work studied construction technology of green rubber concrete.

Reinforced concrete can be classified as precast or cast-in-place concrete.

Designing and implementing the most efficient floor system is key to creating optimal building structures.


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