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To travel with a poster (especially one that has not been laminated), students can roll and secure the poster with a rubber band or roll and put it into a mailing tube.

A mailing tube works best for traveling on public transportation such as a plane.

At conferences, a talk lasts about 15 minutes, and that time limit includes questions from the audience.

Usually, the presentation occurs in a session with three additional talks, and a moderator introduces the session, keeps speakers on time and invites questions from the audience.

In summarizing sections, a fairly large font should be used.

One guideline is to make sure the poster can be read comfortably from three feet away.Students should always keep their posters with them as carry-on pieces.Arriving at a conference with no luggage or change of clothes is much more acceptable than arriving with no poster.As the poster session nears, students should dress professionally and arrive at the session location at least 15 minutes early.In fact, most conferences advertise a set-up time for posters.Their body language should be open and inviting for people to stop when they walk by.A few cautions: This is no time to sit, eat, talk with friends or yell at people to look at the poster.Printing in black and white is fine for any conference; there is no need to spend a good bit more money on full-color posters.Some students might choose to laminate their posters if they want to save them after the conference; most print shops can laminate.Students or teachers should ask for dimensions if they are not advertised.To prepare the poster, Power Point offers countless attractive backgrounds; one panel (i.e., slide) is used to create the entire poster, then the single slide can be printed as large as is needed.


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