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Artists have retold the story in just about every medium: television, film, theater, pop music, graphic novels, video games.Anne Sexton wrote a poem about “a shy budkin / in a red red hood” and a huntsman who rescues her with “a kind of caesarian section.” In Roald Dahl’s version, she “whips a pistol from her knickers,” shoots the wolf in the head, and wears his fur as a coat.Throughout the competition, the Plano West team and students from 43 other schools in 27 states were challenged to answer multiple choice question like: To find the answers to these questions, explore the resources for “The Peacebuilding Toolkit” category, and to find more information on the competition, check out our Academic World Quest page!

Artists have retold the story in just about every medium: television, film, theater, pop music, graphic novels, video games.

In truth, this familiar narrative is just one member of a remarkably ancient and cosmopolitan family of myths and stories.

If you were raised in Italy, you may recall the girl eating the food in the basket herself and replacing it with donkey dung, only to be gobbled up by her vengeful werewolf relative.

The Global Peace Prize is awarded annually to the top middle and high school entries that demonstrate America’s commitment to peace, including the role that individuals, organizations and/or the U. government have played in advancing the cause of global peace.” Students can present their research through essays, exhibits, documentaries, performances, and websites.

With the theme “Conflict and Compromise in History,” the work of peacebuilders was highlighted across many of the projects for the 2018 competition.

There was a story about a beautiful woman cursed to fall into a deep sleep and the brave warrior who woke her up—an Iranian “Sleeping Beauty”—and another about a boy attacked by a wolf while traveling to visit a relative. But it was also possible, Tehrani realized, that the tales were related—that they shared ancestry.

This is the same dilemma evolutionary biologists confront when they find two very similar species in different parts of the world.The junior division Global Peace Prize was won by Alan Zhou and Kyler Wang from Stoller Middle School in Oregon. In the senior division, the winner was a website created by Forest Hill Eastern High School students Claire Parish and Kyle Korte. Learn more about USIP and the Global Peace Prize, including articles written for the annual NHD Theme Book.Their documentary, “The Pig War: Confrontation, Escalation, Arbitration,” highlighted the important role that international arbitration played in resolving a territorial dispute between the U. They highlighted the evolution in the views of Senator Arthur Vandenberg from isolationism to multilateralism, and the policy consequences as he sought to promote and protect U. For 27 years, the National Peace Essay Contest promoted serious discussion among high school students, teachers, and national leaders about international peace and conflict resolution today and in the future.They compete with one another for our attention—for the opportunity to reach as many minds as possible. Since Charles Darwin published to describe a “unit of cultural transmission” analogous to a biological gene.Memes, he wrote, could be ideas, tunes, or styles of clothing—­essentially any product of human intellect.Narrative doppelgängers might have descended from a common ancestor, like tigers and snow leopards, or independently converged on similar features, like bats and birds.In many ways, stories are uncannily similar to living organisms. They compel us to share them and, once told, they begin to grow and change, often becoming longer and more elaborate.Perhaps you know the tale of the baby goats who are devoured by a devious wolf but rescued when their mother cuts open the beast’s torso and fills it with rocks instead.In Africa, there’s a story about a girl freed from the stomach of an ogre who impersonated her brother.Now, USIP is building upon the legacy of the NPEC (which was wrapped up in 2014) by partnering with other organizations on a range of initiatives that inspire students to learn more about global peacebuilding and to put their own good ideas into action.Make sure to explore our other resources for students, teachers, and the broader public by visiting the Public Education section.


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