Rfid Based Library Management System Thesis

These tags are the smallest and cheapest, and thus are the most widely used. As a result of the increased power, they can transmit data over a much larger range compared to passive tags.However, their relatively high cost means widespread use is not possible. A typical microwave RFID system operates either at 2.45 GHz or 5.8 GHz, although the former is more common.There are some cases, however where there is only one tag for a particular reader.

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Usually readers are not authenticated while tags answer in a transparent and indiscriminate manner.

The main purpose of RFID system is the automated identification of people and products.

While the biggest stumbling blocks in the use of RFID system are the numerous and complex security threats that as well as privacy issues involved with RFID system.[1] (derived from transmitter/responder).

Whenever a tag comes into the vicinity of a reader, it receives a signal from the reader and transmits its unique key, enabling identification of the object or person carrying the tag.

Clearly then the reader must be able to handle multiple tags at once.


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