Ring Metathesis

To help overcome this problem, Grubbs devised an empirical model to aid in the design of selective CM reactions.

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1, 5), while Grubbs and Hoveyda have developed easily handled Ru-based catalysts (Fig. In general, Shrock's early transition-metal catalysts have higher activities reacting preferentially with carboxylic acids, alcohols and aldehydes and are sensitive to oxygen and water.

The Ru-based catalysts sacrifice activity for greater functional group tolerance with an inherent oxygen and moisture stability and preferentially react with alkenes.

Polymers are essential to our lives, providing the structure and function that underpins advances in materials science, medicine, energy and more.

Polymeric materials have expanded well beyond commodity plastics to access specialty applications enabled by precise control of their architectures, molecular weights and dispersity, including methodologies to control polymer microstructure, macrostructure and co-monomer composition.

The most important feature of olefin metathesis is preservation of the double bond post metathesis, which can be further modified using a range of techniques that is not offered in competing organic transformations.

Olefin metathesis provides an important alternate functionalisation strategy, and is of growing importance to polymer science.

ROM, as the name implies, opens rings to afford new, derivatised small molecules featuring two olefin fragments.

When no cross-partner is present, homopolymerisation is favoured, as in ROMP (from the ring form) or ADMET (from a diolefin monomer); these fields have been extensively reviewed much less work has been reported in the application of these reactions to polymer chemistry.

The importance of these reactions in organic synthesis and polymer chemistry is facilitated by the development of exceptional catalysts, largely led by the groups of Schrock, Grubbs and Hoveyda.

Schrock has developed highly active Mo-based metathesis catalysts (Fig.


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