Role Of Media In A Democracy Essay

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The power to make the choice of our knowledge rests in their hands. It is a nation founded on free speech and freedom of the press, and the media uses these freedoms to influence some of the most important decisions that may ever occur in our country.

Without the information they pass on from day to day, we, as voters know nothing about the happenings of our government. As citizens, the framers entrusted everyday citizens with the right to influence the actions and fate of our government, even if only through a small article in the newspaper.

Appreciation of the role of the media in good governance is essential to societal development. It is a pleasure to listen to people and to express the feelings of one and another on good things. Freedom of Expression has always been emphasized as a special right for the democratic, economic functioning of a society.

This is being included in Art.19 (1) (a) of our Indian Constitution i.e. Media plays a vital role in part of each and every human shall be discussing about the issues relating to the responsibilities of the media in good governance, thus media has become more powerful and prominent.

Being a democratic country, where the decision of the masses is supreme, mass media is in instrumental in ensuring that the people make informed decisions.

Further, it is through the media that the masses are able to voice their opinions.Rather, I feel that the burden of voter incompetence lies on the shoulders of the media.Voters are not uninformed perse, but they are limited in the amount in information that they posses. "Gatekeepers Without Gates", American Journalism News Link. Lane claims that this is not the problem, but that instead, voters are simply lazy in their ideology.(Muraca, July 13, 1999) I tend to agree with both, but I don't feel that the fault lies on the shoulders of the people.In this paper I plan to expand on these questions and the justifications behind asking them, and I plan to follow up with a specific example in which the media played a highly significant role in the choice of high government officials. Perhaps they agree with the ideas of Converse and Lane and are using voting only as a way to attempt to get the citizens out of the voting slump they seem to be in.Converse stated that voters are minimally informed, minimally capable, and therefore incompetent of voting.Yes, the press and media in India are absolutely free by praising the ruling party and getting the tender ads.Of our government or twisting the censorious new items which impacts a celebrity or a party and get a massive pay off from the side that benefits from the twisted version.India celebrates its freedom of press which has been played an important role in the evolution of the Indian society over the decades.The freedom of speech is bolstered by the Right to Information.


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