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depicts a feudal Japanese warrior culture centered on exaggerated displays of masculinity, with women operating in the margins or behind the scenes.Even the great Akira Kurosawa’s visions of feudal Japan, like , these fighters “find their earliest precursor in Empress Jingū, who in 200 A. led an invasion of Korea after her husband Emperor Chūai, the fourteenth emperor of Japan, perished in battle.” Empress Jingū's example endured.But it's difficult to think in terms of a "generic" Medieval knight or a "standard" samurai warrior.

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Then again, it's sometimes argued that today's version of modern civilian budo ("war ways") is not equivalent to the historical military bujutsu ("war skills") of the samurai.

At the same time, while we may not have an extant tradition of knightly martial arts any longer, we however do have volumes of actual training manuals from the era describing in technical detail for us just what their skills and methods at the time were all about. An English or French chevalier of 1350 in partial plate with arming sword ready for duel in the champ clos?

In the case of comparing a knight to a samurai, each warrior used armor, weapons, and methods oriented towards the particular opponents of their day and age.

Therefore, neither can be looked upon as being universally more effective under all conditions against all manner of opponents. Having some small experience in the methods and weaponry of each, as well as a few cross-training opportunities, I offer my humble thoughts on the matter.

In 1881, she became the first woman on Japanese currency.

While she was leading a charge against Imperial Japanese Army troops she was shot in the chest.The thought of "who would win" in an actual fight between these martial experts of such dissimilar methods is intriguing.Who would emerge victorious or who was historically the better fighter is a question occasionally raised, but it is really a moot question.With the samurai though, we are dealing with a single, homogenous culture and one in which versions of their historical martial traditions have survived, in one form or another, fairly intact.Thus we have a somewhat better idea of the average samurai's training and ability through the centuries than compared to contemporary European warriors.The ability of each combatant to read or size up their opponent and the threat they posed would be an important consideration.Are both to be briefed on the nature of their opponent and his armaments?Will the samurai be wearing the older box-like Muromachi armor and armed with a tachi blade?Or will he wear the later close fitting Of course, for the sake of engaging discourse let us hypothesize just what would happen if these two comparable individuals, each highly trained and experienced in the respective fighting skills of their age, were to meet on the battlefield in single combat to the death (! As an amusing historical diversion we can at least make an educated guess to what would possibly be, not the result, so much as some of the key decisive elements of such an encounter.But the same comparative warriors during the 1400's for instance, were quite dissimilar.Each of the two historical warriors in question did fight with equivalent technologies, under fairly similar climates and terrain, and for similar reasons.


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