Second Point Of View Essay

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The first person POV is an extension of the way that we tell stories ourselves.

Very often, the first-person narrator will be the protagonist, such as in Life of Pi.

It is far easier to develop a fictional character and tell the story through their eyes and experiences.

Despite its difficulty, there are a few examples of works told in the second-person point of view.

Young Adult novels are often in the first person: it allows the main characters’ voices to come to the fore — and perhaps emulates the confessional nature of teenage diaries.

Popular POVs in literary genres include: Once you’ve identified the prevailing trend within your genre, ask yourself: ‘Will you write to the trend, or subvert it?Second-person point of view is a form of writing in which the point of view of a narrative work is told in the voice of the onlooker, which is you, the reader.For instance, the text would read, "You went to school that morning." The second-person point of view is rarely used in fiction because of its difficulty level.When a writer addresses a question to the reader, the writer is writing from the third-person point of view.For example, "Do you enjoy pot roast as much as I do?’ Bear in mind that subverting expectations for the sake of it is rarely a good idea.Your decision should ideally be backed by one of the following factors." It is a question presented by a pot-roast loving third-person narrator.On the other hand, "You love pot roast, so you plan to cook it tonight," is an example of the use of the second-person point of view. Most people naturally write in first-person or third-person because it takes a great deal of effort and intention to write in the second-person.The challenge: picking which one best suits the story.In this post, we’ll go through each of the four major POVs (in a tour that includes over 70 point of view examples) to help you better understand point of view.


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