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An opportunity for employees to self-reflect and consider what their strengths and weaknesses are, self-assessments are not only important to growth as a worker but as a person.

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Along with the performance evaluation often comes the self-assessment.This type of alignment is encouraging to any manager and conveys that you understand your role within the larger context of the company."If your manager needs to hit a certain number, share how you played a role in hitting the number," said Rieken.And, of course, self-assessments offer an opportunity for feedback to managers about what motivates and incentivizes an employee to do their best work."Modern employees are intrinsically motivated to work autonomously and by opportunities to learn and grow.For managers, self-assessments offer several benefits. They illuminate how the employee sees themselves in the context of the team and the organization at large.It also highlights any disagreements or misunderstandings between the manager and the employee."Accomplishments you list should connect with business objectives." Self-assessments aren't just about highlighting triumphs.You should also critically assess the times you came up short.Employees and managers generally know how you have performed, but having concrete numbers to back up any assertion strengthens the validity of your self-assessment. spend 10 seconds a day writing down their one biggest accomplishment, success, metric hit, feedback received for that day, they'd have 10 times more data than they'd ever need for self-assessment," said Mike Mannon, president of WD Communications.Hank Yuloff, owner of Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions, agreed: "We teach our clients to keep a list of daily and weekly accomplishments so that when it is time for the self-assessment, there is very little guesswork as to how valuable they are to the company." Employees should always be professional when writing self-assessments.


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