Ship Design Thesis

CFD could be used to gain more knowledge in how to make a robust hull shape.CFD have been more and more implemented in ships design, in what way is it used and how can it be applied in conceptual stages of ship design.

I had not much experience in using CFD, but had knowledge of fluid dynamics which is the physical basis of CFD.

Also more focus was turned more to the process of CFD and simulation driven design.

v It is expected that the reader has some knowledge in naval architecture, fluid dynamics and optimization to comprehend the content of this texts.

The student may contact STX Europe, Project in Ålesund for input on how the early stage hull design process is performed in industry today. The project is connected to a industry project where DNV, Grieg, Marintek and other industry partners are participating. In particular, DNV iii Research and Innovation may provide additional support during the project.

Evangelos Boutsianis will be the contact person at DNVRI.


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