Short Essay About Loneliness

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I guess I don’t quite count moving across the world to Singapore as “my own way”.Yes, I made the decision to take the career opportunity and move to a country I’d never been in my life and knew no one.Throughout my life, I’ve always had someone by my side.

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Traveling solo for work the past two years helped with that. But I want to learn to love and be at peace with myself — when the commotion of these distractions has died down.

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I never knew how to describe how I felt in unfamiliar situations; all I knew was that I felt “awkward.” Some of the anxiety has subsided with age and practice. I despise walking into a work-related conference, knowing no one. What do I do if everyone is already talking in groups? What if people judge me for standing alone, on my own?

Weddings where I may not know anyone besides the bride/groom? I’ve hidden in a bathroom before to pass the time between my arrival and the ceremony starting, so I didn’t have to walk around by myself — or worse, strike up conversation with strangers.

The last time I went my own way, with no one and no friendship in tow, was when I packed up my post-high-school life and moved away for college.

As scary as that was, it brought some of the best years of my life.

Am I “independent” if I always keep there alongside me?

If I’m not forced to (as I may be in work-related situations), I would rather have a “security blanket” around me than face anxiety I feel in strange situations.

Or is it too small, where stepping over makes very little difference?

These considerations are important in my decision — because I am to rock my own boat, when the results may be for better or for worse.


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