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[15] In addition, the report attests to the importance of support from administration and management [16] as well as adequate teacher training.

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And so it will be in those vast reaches of Asia where are concentrated the great bulk of the human race.

One development in the Far East we can predict with assurance.

There is a recognition that education has been used politically and, unless challenged, the persistence of divergent views of history can be a source of latent conflict.

Aid agencies are interested in providing peace education to school-aged refugees who may be displaced by conflict or natural disaster which may itself sow the seeds of conflict.

Most students participating in the program were able to write thoughtful, impartial essays while the vast majority of non-participants were unable to write anything.

In short, program participants appeared able to walk in Palestinian shoes. As we look at the world in which we live, could there be anything more unrealistic than that type of thinking?In the entire history of Europe, since the days of the Dark Ages, the European nations have confronted no greater crisis.That is the goal towards which the men and women and the governments of the United Nations are striving today.Methods by which this highest of all ends can best be achieved have been advanced by some of the most enlightened leaders of thought throughout the centuries.In the Near East, where the peoples have to a very considerable extent been spared the more immediate ravages of war, these same forces are fermenting.Here again, foolhardy as it would be to try to prophesy what the future may hold, we would be blind indeed not to recognize that before a period of even temporary stability sets in, these new trends will weave a pattern of events that will radically modify the political status of the Middle East.[18] Jewish-Arab Center for Peace at Givat Haviva (JACP) uses instruction, education, research, and community involvement with diverse populations. [19] One innovative program saw Israeli-Jewish high school students study the Northern Ireland conflict for a few weeks.[20] Although the instruction did not mention the Israeli--Palestinian conflict, after the Northern Ireland unit they were asked to write about the Israeli--Palestinian conflict from the Palestinian point of view. For those in danger of falling into conflict, dialogue may generate intergroup understanding in order to hinder conflict escalation.It may also help expose the use of education, particularly of history, in fomenting instability and distrust.


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