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After all, no one blames a lion for ripping apart a gazelle, or a hyena for trying to steal the carcass, or microbes for finishing off the gazelle’s remains.

After all, no one blames a lion for ripping apart a gazelle, or a hyena for trying to steal the carcass, or microbes for finishing off the gazelle’s remains.But somehow humans are arbitrarily viewed as different despite the insistence that we aren’t different.

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Animal rights groups really want animals to have dominion over man.

Yet, ironically, most would claim that man is just an animal.

It’s only when we start with God’s Word that we get a firm foundation for morality.

We are not animals; we were specially and uniquely created in the image of God, separate and distinct from the animals (in a similar fashion, animals are not created like the plants either).

Because they have no foundation, they are forced to construct a moral code that is “right in their own eyes” (). Evolutionists arbitrarily create or hold to a moral code for humans—which, in their view, includes not using anything that comes from or was even tested on animals—yet they believe we are just animals.

So why should we be held to this arbitrary standard that no “other” animal is held to?

It wouldn’t take long for the animal/plant rights activists to die of starvation.

An evolutionary view of mankind and morality leads to inconsistency and confusion.

We don’t observe the organization of roundworms called the Roundworms for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or RETA.

In the animal rights activists’ heart of hearts, they know man is above animals. Those who start with an evolutionary view of mankind have no absolute basis for morality.


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