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For those of us who enjoy studying human societies, one of the best disciplines is social studies.

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Another way to organize societies is to look at how they organize themselves.

More specifically, I'm talking about people's forms of social, geographic, and political organization.

Today we rely on a different form of organization called a nation-state, in which our identities are tied to a political and geographic location we call the 'nation'.

Of course, how various civilizations interact is also important and another factor used to categorize them.

We call a society with a high degree of complexity a civilization.

Aztec civilization, Norse civilization, ancient Chinese civilization are terms that denote a settled society with complex political and social structures, developed economies, and sophisticated social rules.

A thematically organized bibliography will also be included.

Let's take a look at some basic concepts of social studies and see how these can help us study society.

For example, it can be useful to organize societies by levels of complexity.

Now, all societies have their own complex sets of rules and behaviors, but as societies get larger and develop formal political structures and distinct economies, the complexity grows.


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