Soil Water Conservation Essay

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The uppermost layer of the earth’s crust is more deniable and the rocks of this layer turn into small particles as a result of denudation and weathering.

These small particles mingle with various organic and inorganic materials and by chemical actions turn into soil.

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It has a great importance in day-to-day human life. Fertile soil and more food production influence the density of population.

The soil formed by disintegration of the uppermost part of the rocks by different means is known as the Residual soil and this soil has close relationship with the base rock beneath it.

Red, Yellow, Black, Lateritic, Pool, Saline and Acidic soils come under residual soils.

Alluvial soil, desert soil, and the forest soils of the northern mountainous regions come under Transported soils.

Alluvial soil, black soil, Red soil and Lateritic soil occupy about more than 80% of the total land area of the country and these are the whole of the farm lands of India.

Besides, deltaic alluvium occurs in the deltas of the rivers of the east coast and coastal alluvium in the Malabar and Konkan coasts of the west coast.

Black Cotton Soil: It belongs in the tropical black soil on cherrozem category of soil.


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