Solving Percent Problems Using Equations

Solving Percent Problems Using Equations-70
The percentage of the population affected by malaria is between 60% and 65%.

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Then, plot those decimals on a number line and compare them! Looking for some practice converting percents to fractions? Follow along as this tutorial shows you how to convert a percent to a fraction.

Then, reduce the fraction to put it in simplest form. Converting decimals into percents is easier than you may think!

In mathematics, a percentage is a number or ratio that can be expressed as a fraction of 100, which means, a part per hundred. It is to be noted that, percentages have no dimension, hence are dimensionless numbers. For each white chocolate bar, the ratio of the number of dark chocolate boxes to the total number of white chocolate bars can be represented as a fraction.

Two quantities are generally expressed on the basis of their ratios.

In this tutorial you'll see how quickly you can convert percents into decimals!

Sometimes the hardest part of a word problem is figuring out how to turn the words into an equation you can solve. Going shopping can be tons of fun, but things can go sour when you get to the register and realize that the sales tax puts you over your budget.

This can be solved in two stps: Step 1: Solve the equation: 80 * x = 25.

The solution is x = 0.3125 Step 2: Multiply 0.3125 by 100% to get the answer: 0.3125 * 100% = 31.25 % Type 3: The number 32 is 8% of what number?

But what would you do if you given this problem: 8 is what percent of 20?

In this problem, the percent is the unknown quantity! Looking at this problem, it is clear that 8 is the part and 20 is the whole.


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