Solving Word Problems Powerpoint

You can literally insert the word problem and receive an answer, along with an explanation of how the problem was solved.

Not only do you get the right answer, but you also see how the problem was solved.

It is a solid learning experience and will guarantee a good grade on your homework assignment.

Students need to have reminders of these strategies as they are presented with word problems.

Students can then discuss how they would use each strategy to solve the problem.

Just because students are presented with and practice these strategies in every elementary grade, do not assume that they have mastered them.Writing Algebraic expressions to solve word problems Solve word problems using algebra Decode words into math Word problems scare me!Maths lesson resource pack focusing on breaking down the problem solving process. Incudes detailed lesson plan with suggestions how to use the powerpoint and the activity sheets.It’s all about experiencing these types of math problems and learning a strategy or two (or three or four) to solve them.When kids are not provided with enough experience in how to solve word math problems and do not develop problem solving strategies for math, they are at a disadvantage through the rest of their math schooling and in real life situations, where math facts are totally secondary to problem-solving.The word problems are grouped by operation with a separate set of multi step problems.They are also grouped by difficulty with questions for LAPs, APs and HAPs.These kids may prefer to make an “educated” guess at an answer and then test it using one of the other methods.This is not a good strategy for kids who simply want to hurry through without careful thought. Suppose students are asked to figure out how many one-foot square tiles will be needed to cover a floor that has two sections – one 10 X12 and one that is not even.For example, if there are several competitors in a race and their rates are all listed, setting up a table with those rates will clear out the words that can be distractions.Some students like to work things out in their heads and can churn information better than others.


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