Sport Thesis Statement

Firstly, a sport must be ‘a physical activity which involves propelling a mass through space or overcoming the resistance of mass’.It must incorporate a sense of ‘contest’ with or against an opponent.

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No one can deny that cheerleading involves a huge amount of athleticism, skill, flexibility and endurance but can it rightfully be described as a sport?

In this essay, my objective is to prove that cheerleading is a modern day sport.

Some may say that fashion has no place in sport but I would argue that many famous soccer stars’ successes derive partially from their appearance on the field (ie how their hair is styled, the brand of footwear they are wearing, the tattoos they are displaying, and so on).

I cannot help but wonder if the age old issue of feminism has something to count for in this debate.

When it comes down to it, strength and motivation are attractive features in both men and women and are qualities that should be embraced by any member of a sports team.

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A strong thesis statement can make the difference between an A and F paper.Is it very common to see sportsmen exploiting their sexual appeal and featuring topless (or sometimes naked) in calendars and photo shoots.Yet, if a cheerleader was to do the same she may lose any respect earned from being a talented sportsperson.My fear is that cheerleading has been sexualised over the years, a theme that appears to begin in high school, and is thus not given the respect it deserves in today’s sporting community.The sexual objectification of cheerleaders means that these hard-working athletes are often seen as objects to be looked at prior to ‘the big game’.It can also affect whether a reader understands or even cares about your essay's central point.Knowing the importance of a thesis statement will help you structure a clear, effective paper that will intrigue, persuade and inform your readers.Do people feel that, because cheerleading teams are predominantly female, they deserve no place in the world of sports?I can appreciate that women in sport are acknowledged in this modern era yet I do not feel that female sporting role models are given as much credit and limelight as some men who are equally successful in their field.It must be led by explicit rules to ‘define the time, space, and purpose of the contest and the conditions under which a winner is declared’.Finally, the list dictates that a sport acknowledges that its objective is ‘a comparison of the relative skills of the participants’.


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