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Adult film student Virginia (Maria Rojo) hides a professional video camera in the corner of her studio, for the purpose of secretly recording the entire visit of Marcelo (José Alonso), a man she had a brief affair with four years before.

She maneuvers him into the right place and eventually confesses that she invited him for sex; he thinks that's a great idea but neither of them have a condom.

There's no editor listed on Tarea; the whole movie has fewer cuts than Alfred Hitchcock's Rope.

Of course, it's a lot easier making a movie with so few cuts when 98% of the picture has one camera angle. Tarea is a stunt film with some claim to relevance, but not a lot.

And in singular it would sound a little weird "Tengo un deber que hacer", in that case could be translated like "I have a duty".

If you analyse both terms carefully by their definition according to the RAE, they are synonyms., it is the same for Mexico and I would say that many other countries from Latin America.Conclusion Both words are correct and you should use them both depending on where you are in order to the people can understand what you say.I would tell you that in Latin America, "homework" is "tarea".Everything that is assigned by a teacher in the school or institution.In english the eaxct t word that defines deberes is duties. La palabra "tarea" además de la escuela, puede usarse en más ámbitos. podría contestar en inglés pero me quedaría con la duda de si me he expresado correctamente... Por ejemplo las tareas del hogar con las que suelen referirse a las que hacen las amas de casa... "Deberes" puede emplearse para recalcar que es algo que debe hacerse... EDIT As many others have said, it's true when you try to use deber as a meaning for "homework", some people use deberes (in plural).However, this implies that you have many things to do.Furthermore, I remark that in Latin America is very common the use of tarea.And as others have already confirmed, in Spain they use deberes (And according to Gorpik in some regions of Spain, they use also tarea).


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