The Hunger Games Essay

The Hunger Games Essay-36
Allan Johnson argues that social structures cause people to follow the path of least resistance.People occupy certain positions within a social structure, which are interrelated.

More participanst are, therefore, selected from the poorer districts who rarely survive.

The media in Panem plays a critical role in socializing between the rich and poor people.

The people are restricted from travelling outside their homes and districts, which limits their ability to interact with each other and as such mobilize resources.

The education offered is biased in order to limit any rebellion in the people against the Capitol.

For example, Katniss takes a shower for the first time in her life during her visit to the Capitol.

The government controls the resources in the districts.

The structure of the society influences the outcome of the hunger games.

First of all, the poor people have higher probabilities to be selected for the hunger games since they trade food for the chance to take part in them.

This paper discusses the class inequality and the role of the media and society in advancing class inequality comparing the book with the modern class differentiation.

There is a class inequality between people living in the Capitol and the ones living in 12 districts.


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