The Real Meaning Of Christmas Essay

The Real Meaning Of Christmas Essay-22
An attentive listening to the Word of God can dispose our minds and hearts to receive the Bread of Life more efficaciously.

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The true interpretation of the word Bethlehem is “House of Bread”.

Jesus who would later in His Public ministry call Himself the “Bread of Life” (Bread of life Discourse: Jn.

This does not exclude the fact that you can offer your own intentions.

On the contrary, you can offer as many personal intentions as you want — a million if your heart so desires!

6: 22-71) was born in Bethlehem — the “House of Bread.” How appropriate and true the symbolism. Let us constantly thank God for our faith and belief in His Real Presence in the most Holy Eucharist.

This being the case then how can we improve, upgrade, perfect our life related the Holy Mass, our union with Christ in Holy Communion, our Eucharistic devotion? Still more let us grow in our faith and try to bring those who have wandered from the fold back to their faith and love for the Eucharist.

How can you say that Christmas is nothing about Jesus? I'm not even Christian and I don't celebrate Christmas, but Christmas is not at all about presents or anything. If you don't acknowledge Jesus, you shouldn't celebrate Christmas, otherwise it's just about you wanting gifts.

Do you really want to live Christmas to the maximum potential of your being?

Remember who you are about to receive: the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the Son of the living God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Master and Lord of the whole universe, the Savior and Redeemer.

In the presence of a King or Queen our reverence would be absolute; in a parallel sense our reverence before the King of the Universe should be sublime and exalted!


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