Theory Nucleosynthesis

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At present just the excess of matter particles over antimatter particles remains in existence.

One of the first questions that must be confronted in understanding the formation of the elements is as follows: "Why is there an excess of matter over antimatter?

Although this zero point itself is outside the domain of the physical model, arbitrarily small times near but not equal to zero are within the scope of the model.

For these earliest times the density of matter and energy as well as the temperature become arbitrarily high.

An anticorkscrew would have to be turned counterclockwise to penetrate the cork.

The forces between particles depend on their parities and charges.

A successful barygenesis model must include forces that favor particles instead of antiparticles.

This, however, is not enough and the forces must include other nonsymmetric aspects.

The search for the origin of our universe and its contents, including the Earth and its living organisms, is a fundamental object of human curiosity.

Following the discovery by Hubble that the galaxies of the universe all recede from each other, a simple projection back in time allowed Gamow to estimate that the universe must have originated from a very dense and hot condition that allowed the formation of the chemical elements out of more elementary constituents.


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