Thesis On Beer Production

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“Everything we are going to do here is to give us an opportunity to do more for other people, for this community especially.

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Palmer is a resident physician of internal medicine there, and if it weren’t for Mayo Clinic—and the Mayo One helicopter—Fredericksen would have possibly died at the age of 18 following a car accident that involved his vehicle being hit by a drunk driver.

His mother, too, has benefitted from the clinic: Fredericksen says she likely wouldn’t have lived as long as she did with leukemia without a stem cell transplant she received there.

"The more we keep making better beer [in Rochester], the more people that will come out and support all the breweries."To get started, Frederickson, who will also serve as head brewer of Thesis Beer Project, will use a five-barrel brewing system.

While he acknowledged it's smaller than some of the others in town, he said having eight fermenters will allow him to experiment with different styles of beer."We'll be able to do small batches with a focus on freshness and quality," he said.

We might have a different version of the light lager or something like that always on tap.

“The overall goal here is to produce a top-quality product and make this space as inviting and entertaining as possible,” Fredericksen adds.

It made it feel like it was meant to be.” But for their brewery to succeed in its mission, the couple knows the beer has to be good.

“The philosophy is a little bit of everything,” Fredericksen says of the five-barrel brewhouse outfitted with eight fermentors.

Palmer and Fredericksen’s brewery will not only serve beer, but serve as a venue for live music shows with a capacity of 100, host Packers fans for football games, and even house the third location of local coffee shop Cafe Steam.

“Some of my favorite places that I’ve been are places that serve both coffee and beer,” Palmer says, noting how when she was in college in Ohio she didn’t drink beer but frequented a place that served both.


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