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This shows that he does not believe that Reverend Parris is a good preacher.

This shows that he does not believe that Reverend Parris is a good preacher.When Cheever comes to arrest Elizabeth, Proctor believes that they do not have the right to do that, so he rips the warrant.As soon as someone finds themselves in trouble, they are starting thinking of schemes and plans which would get them out of their endeavors without taking into account those who might get hurt in the process.

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American Literature Themes of the Past, Relevant Today The Crucible is a play written in pre-modern times, which is still relevant in the post-modern era.

Arthur Miller wrote the play during the time of the Red Scare, in which multiple people were being convicted of communism without evidence or proof.

He tells Elizabeth this because he does not want to keep any secrets from her.

At the end of the play, Danforth asks Proctor to give him the names of those that he thinks are involved in witchery.

The girls were willing to hurt anyone to make sure to cover up what they had done.

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You see the unmerciful treatment of others at an all time high in the present generation and also in the 1950s.It’s a bitter woman, a lying, cold, sniveling woman, and I will not work for such a woman.” Walcott charged Martha Corey, the wife of Giles Corey, with being a witch, but Giles explained the only reason behind it was because he bought a pig from her that died a short time later and that he cannot keep a pig alive since then: “Y’see, he buy a pig if my wife four or five years ago, and the pig died soon after …Now he goes to court and claims from that day to this he cannot keep a pig alive for more than four weeks because my Martha bewitched them with her books.” The witch-hunt had taken a turn for the worst because it was no longer the town of Salem trying to rid the town of evil but rather the citizens them trying to profit from others’ demise.This action shows that Proctor will stand up to what he believes in and is not afraid to do so.Proctor apologized to Elizabeth at the end of the play.Proctor is a man of integrity because he shows honesty, he stands by his beliefs, and he makes sacrifices. First, he confesses to the court about his affair with Abigail.This shows that he is willing to admit his wrongdoings.Not only were people accused because there was a feud between neighbors or because there was hatred toward each other, but also because someone acted different from what they believed was normal. Reverend Hale came to question them about their church attendance and whether they could recite the 10 commandments (even though they had a valid reason for not attending—Elizabeth being sick for a long period of time—they were still looked down by those who believe the Proctors were at fault).And that’s when he found a poppet planted by Abigail.John Proctor shows his honesty when he says to Abigail, "But I will cut my hand off before I ever reach for you again" (Miller 839).When Proctor was talking to his wife about having gone to Salem, he tells her that he and Abigail were alone.


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