Thomas Becket Honor Essay

Beckett agrees to participate, but requests that an additional man, a spotter, must come with him.

They head to a village to contact their informant, a priest, only to find him already tortured and murdered.

Beckett speculates out loud that it is the work of El Cirujano, calling into question Miller's credibility.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett, an experienced sniper, and his spotter Cpl.

Papich are on a mission to assassinate a Panamanian rebel leader in the jungle; however, they are extracted in daylight instead of night time, which results in Papich's getting killed by a sniper.

The two run to the helicopter for extraction, and Beckett once again saves Miller's life: using his offhand, he shoots an ambushing sniper. Marine Corps scout sniper Thomas Beckett, who was discharged after his finger was amputated in the first film, is met by CIA officer James Eckles and Colonel David Mc Kenna at his home.

The final scene shows Beckett and Miller on the way back home. Despite losing his index finger he uses to shoot, Beckett still has the capability of firing a gun (as he uses his middle finger for the job).

They soon exit the tram, running through the streets.

Cole is captured and put into a prison where Valstoria's men keep their so-called 'special enemies', but Beckett is able to escape.

Miller takes out the drug lord, but Beckett sacrifices his chance to take out the general when he saves Miller's life.

Beckett insists that they return to kill the general, but Miller's refusal leads to an exchange of fire between the two that ends when Miller runs out of ammo. As rebels close in on the two, Beckett attempts to provide covering fire for Miller.


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